24mm Durable NATO Nylon Replacement Band Strap for Luxury Sports and Casual es NYL-ALLB YBNDVICIC



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Black NATO Nylon Strap with Black Hardware (Buckle and Rings)Compatible with Luxury, Sports, and Casual Watches with a 24mm Inlet AttachmentCheck Inlet Diagram Photo to see where to measure your wrist watch strap and Installation Guide Photo to assist if neededRenew your watch with a High Quality Strap that is ergonomic, comfortable, durable and appealingWatches are not Included !!! Check Product Description for Additional Information and Specifications

Set Includes:.. -Nylon NATO Strap with Stainless Steel Hardware.. Product Dimensions:.. Length: Buckle to End - (290mm, 11.5 Inches).. Width: (24mm, 0.94 Inch)... Thickness: (2.4mm , 0.09 Inch).. Product Description:.... -High Quality Nylon Strap -Permanent Color will not fade with continued wearing. -Anti-Static , climate Resistant Durable Nylon Material. -Water-washable, removable and replaceable strap . -Ideal replacement Strap for any damaged, scratched, defective strap or simply to change the look of your watch..... Installation Instructions:... There is no need to remove spring bars (pins) to swap or to change.. 1.Simply feed strap from the top between the spring bar and watch casing, then behind the watch head and up through the other spring bar. 2.Then run the strap through the stainless steel ring on the short strap to secure the watch head..... If you wish to trim the length of the strap, cut as desired and you can expose cut end to a match or lighter flame to avoid future fraying.

24mm Durable NATO Nylon Replacement Band Strap for Luxury Sports and Casual Watches NYL-ALLB YBNDVICIC

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