4 K Sport Slow Motion 16MP Waterproof Wide Angle 170 Degree WIFI Camera White OTVOFUIUW



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Free Expedited Shipping, 100% brand new, 30days money back guarantee, 2year guaranteeThis sports camera has a waterproof casing that protects from water up to 30m. It is also fitted with the latest technology, 4K and slow motion, which allows you to take pictures and videos will amaze your family and friends. Comes with a a complete set, this waterproof camera 4K also has Wifi for quickly share your pictures Colour: WhiteWaterproof Camera, 4K video, slow motion, connection to WLAN, Kit including accessories, 6x 4x 2.5cmBox contents: 1x Waterproof Camera 4K White, 3x separate supports, 1x Waterproof Case, 1x Power Adapter, 1x Power Adapter, 1x Bicycle Stand, 1x Clip to attach the waterproof case, 1x Bicycle Mount Holder, 1x Clip, 1x Clip, 1x Bandage, camera 2x Adhesive Strips 3M, 1x grip, 1x Mini USB, 1x Bracket, 1x USB Cable/1x Instructions in French to download.

The sports camera 4K will follow you in all your activities, especially in those that will be water. Some of the main advantages, we can say that the strength of its shell allows it to remain waterproof up to 30M deep. Its 4K x 2K resolution, slow motion, and the integration of the Wi-Fi option are some of the benefits of this sports camera. The mounting accessory set, included in the pack will enable you to stabilize the camera sport Waterproof.
A 100% waterproof camera
Finished the time when you had to keep the camera dry during aquatic activities. While this device does not have any restriction of use, it also feels better in the water, thanks to its case which makes it completely waterproof. This way, you can use it in your pool for filming your children, as well as for your surfing or course of windsurfing.
The accessories and bandages kit gives the user flexibility to manoeuvre to secure device. You can hang the 4K Ultra High Definition sports camera to your arm for the surf as well as around your neck if you are rafting. The protection of the device can also do the dive, and up to 30metres.
4K, slow motion and Wi-Fi options: the star of the sports camera
In addition to sealing, which makes this camera the ideal companion for adventure, it is all the options of the image. The 4K provides a ultra high resolution photograph as well as recording option. Your pictures are cleaner, more accurate, and will be all the more be appreciated. The option

4 K Sport Slow Motion 16MP Waterproof Wide Angle 170 Degree WIFI Camera White OTVOFUIUW

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