66fit Achilles and Calf Stretcher x 2pcs Heel Tendon Muscle Pro Stretching SUSKACIOE



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The 66fit Achilles and Calf Stretchers are designed to effectively stretch out the muscles in the lower legs and feetThis set of two lower leg stretchers allows the user to pinpoint and target specific areas and are provenMay also be used to help relieve heel and shin pain, particularly as part of a rehabilitation programme following accident or injuryEasy to use practical design means that the 66fit Achilles stretchers are portable and easy to storeParticularly effective for the Achilles, gastroc, plantar fascia and soleus areas and suitable for beginners through to professionals

Stretch out to relieve pain and discomfort with the 66fit Calf Stretchers.
This set of two stretchers is ideal for anyone recovering from a lower leg injury or indeed if you just want to maximise your stretching exercises as part of an existing fitness regime.

Easy to use, the Achilles/ calf stretchers may either be used alone or both together. Simply step up onto the easy grip surface and gently rock back and forth adjusting your body/ leg angle to vary the amount of stretch. The equipment is suitable for use on both carpet and hard surfaces. It is advisable to wear shoes or trainers when using the stretchers for added comfort and grip.

Why Choose the 66fit Achilles and Calf Stretchers (Set of Two)
Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit stretchers are versatile and easy-to-use designed with portability and easy storage in mind.

Suitable for all levels from beginner to professional the stretchers allow the user to target areas of concern within the lower legs and feet and to stretch out the muscles to relieve tightness, pain and discomfort.

Recommended to help relieve pain from heels, calves and shin splints. Also widely used for achilles, gastroc and soleus areas.

In addition, the calf stretchers may be used as part of your daily exercise routine to perform single calf and front and back leg calf stretches.

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the calf stretchers, with additional in-depth videos available online.

Colour: Blue
Contents: 2 x Achilles/ Calf Stretchers
Main Material: PP
Presented In: Colour Box
Packed Weight: 1.9kg

66fit Achilles and Calf Stretcher x 2pcs Heel Tendon Muscle Pro Stretching SUSKACIOE

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