9T9 Fitness 15kg Steel Macebell YWGXTARXN



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High quality product for strength and fitness training.

  • Powder coated steel mace bell.
  • Gloss black.
  • Weight marked on handle.
  • Machine tooled handle grip on 1m long steel handle.
  • All our maces have uniform handle length and handle diameter.
  • Ideal for development of grip and rotational strength and yoga like flow exercises.
  • A tool originally used by the Persians, the uneven weight aids proprioception training and builds core, grip and rotational strength.
  • Works the upper body and grip in a fluid routine.
  • New users are recommended to start with a lighter mace.
  • The fluid nature of the exercises, and high repetitions result in a significant and tiring workout!

9T9 Fitness 15kg Steel Macebell YWGXTARXN

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