Abdo ENRG Blast Electrostimulator YNTVOFXCO



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Elettrostimolatore Abdo ENRG Blast

Don't miss the Abdo ENRG Blast electrostimulator! If you want to improve blood flow and prevent muscle pain, there's nothing better than this compact electrostimulation device! Comes with 6 massage modes, 10 intensity levels, and 10 frequency modes. Includes: 1 belt (max. length: approx. 104 cm), 2 armbands (max. length: approx. 33 cm), and 2 extensions for the belt and the armbands (max. length of each: approx. 57 cm). All are fitted with velcro for proper adjustment. Also includes: 1 remote control, 7 electrodes with conductive gel patches, and 2 connection cables. Battery-operated (2 x AAA, not included). Power: 3 W. Intensity: 28 mA. Frequency: 1-50 Hz.www.abdoenrg.com

Abdo ENRG Blast Electrostimulator YNTVOFXCO

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