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On the fly' BPC (bite point control) and Reach adjustmentDirect compatibility with Shimano I-Spec shifterDirect mount available for SRAM shifters5% power increase over TECH Evo master cylinderHanded master cylinders for better integration on the handlebars

So, you're thinking of getting some new brakes How about some lovely Hope Tech 3 V4s These are the ultimate Downhill brakes from Hope complete with braided hoses and a lighter caliper made from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft aluminium. These brakes offer up about 5% more power than the Tech Evo from last year, doesn't sound like much but 5% can make or break a good ride. As always, Hope brakes have a legendary Feel to them and these Tech 3 V4's are no exception, they're sharp and responsive, giving you the feeling that they're more an extension to your fingers and brain than simply a component on your bike. These brakes come with a braided hose for durability and an increased responsiveness owing to the braiding that doesn't allow for any expansion of the hose under braking pressure. The one piece caliper is CNC machined from a solid billet of 2014 T6 aircraft spec aluminium alloy. The v4 caliper uses four identical 16mm phenolic pistons which gives more usable power to the brake, whilst keeping the legendary feel. Hope have taken in the comments made by some customers that the master cylinder was a bit too bulky and cumbersome, making it difficult to fit them into what can be an already cluttered cockpit (I'm looking at those of you who has fork, shock and telescopic seatpost contols all over your bars!) so with the Tech 3's Hope have slimmed them down and made them easier to integrate into the on the bars without sacrificing any of the classic ergonomics and the classic split clamp design makes then ridiculously easy to fit onto your bars without having to strip everything else off first.
With unmatched power, superior cooling and with the adjustability of the Tech 3 lever, the V4 is surely - King of brakes. Please ensure you order the correct brakes for le

Hope Tech 3 V4 Disc Brakes Purple TSWAKCVRF

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