Naniwa water Abziehst 1000 Small CFECOTRAN



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Brand: NaniwaItem Weight 0.28KgCategory: Knife Steine

Japanese Whetstone
This artificial stone has a open-pore structure, form a homogeneous particles storage, as well as excellent sharpening results.
They are but can be wiped clean with the use of water and are not suitable Auschlielich For Japanese cook's knife.
Before use, place the stone 10to 15minutes in the water, and would also be Schleifens benetzt on a regular basis.
Grit 1000) is suitable for the reground.
Grit 1000)
Dimensions: 130x 40mm
Height Stone 25mm
Brand: Naniw Agew: 0.28Kgkategorie: Knife stones

Naniwa water Abziehst 1000 Small CFECOTRAN

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