Shimano XTR DI2 Right Shifter 2015 ELSYQMDLT



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ergonomic rotary switch, corresponds to the natural hand movementLever with short stroke and perfect clickprogrammable multi-shift function and new Shimano Synchro-Shift shift modesupplied without cable

the shimano xtr di2 right constitutes a change control right of the highest quality for mountain bikes. it is fully configurable, for example: -you can order the diverter. -can be set for each press, you raise 3 sprockets, or all, or the speed a sprocket chain to another... thanks to syncro shift diverter and change with a single button can be operated. the button is not such in reality, but a switch that has been modelled so that it offers a very similar to conventional change behavior. features: -high range shimano right change control. -mountain bike. -fully configurable. -synchro shift. -weight of 64gr.

Shimano XTR DI2 Right Shifter 2015 ELSYQMDLT

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